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This newspaper article from the Rattler Newspaper, a St. Mary's College publication, mourns the death of Brother Joseph Schwaab in 1856. Shwaab was a brother for over 56 years and was known for his cultivation of flowers.

A Rattler Newspaper Article details Brother Joseph Schwaab's passion for horticulture and a variety of projects of that variety initiated by him at St. Mary's University

Broadside recruiting soldiers for the Mexican War, asking for 12-month volunteers.
A series of pages from the St. Mary's College Record Book (1858-1869). Remarks are made regarding student attendence, tuition payments, and behavior.
A panel of portraits of important religious figures of San Antonio. Top left: Rt. Reverend A.D. Pellicer, D. D. consecrated Dec. 8 1874 died April 4 1880. Top right: Rt. Reverend J.C. Neraz, D. D. consecrated May 8, 1881, died November 15, 1894. …
A view of St. Mary's University School of Law on College St. in Downtown San Antonio, Texas. La Mansion Hotel now rests at this site, directly across from the Majestic Theater.
A view of the San Fernando School from the southeast side of the lot.
An aerial view photograph of St. Louis College Woodlawn campus, taken around the year 1911.
An aerial view photograph of St. Louis College - now St. Mary's University - Woodlawn campus, taken around the year 1911.

A photograph of Jean Marie Odin as Archbishop of New Orleans
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