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This small religious card was given as a souvenir at the Fiftieth Anniversary of Joseph Schwaab's religious profession in 1923. The celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of religious profession is a Marianist practice which continues into modern…

A roll of graduates from St. Louis College from the year 1896 to 1919.
The senior class at St. Louis College poses for a class photo
Top: Frank H. Wolff; Left: Angel Flores Parra; Right: Alfonso G. Palacio; Bottom: Carl C. Collins
Top: Henry Fink Jr. of Durango, Mexico, received a Bachelor of Science; Left: Rodolfo Ogarrio Jr. of Leon Springs, Texas, received a Bachelor of Science; Right: Felipe G. Palacio of Mexico City, Mexico, received a Diploma of Graduation.
A team photo of the SLC Baseball Team in 1905
A photo of the First Division Class from St. Louis College in 1911. Shown in uniform, very likely the band uniform.
Left to Right: Paul Suess, John Paez, Noe Guerra
A dormitory at St. Louis College in 1910
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