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This item was found in a devotional scrapbook of Brother Joseph Schwaab. It is a list of religious petitions said at daily.

This is a Spanish conjugation chart created by Brother Joseph Schwaab, probably used to communicate with students and families of student at the San Fernando School, which was predominately composed of Mexican and Mexican-American students and…

This small religious card was given as a souvenir at the Fiftieth Anniversary of Joseph Schwaab's religious profession in 1923. The celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of religious profession is a Marianist practice which continues into modern…

Brother Joseph Schwaab depicted surveying his favorite hang-out, his garden at St. Mary's College Campus.

This item displays the successive religious employment of Brother Joseph Schwaab of the Society of Mary.

Information regarding Brother Joseph Schwaab and his time in the society of Mary.
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