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A pamphlet from the 27th Annual Commencement at the San Fernando School. The pamphlet dates to June 10, 1915.
A series of pages from the St. Mary's College Record Book (1858-1869). Remarks are made regarding student attendence, tuition payments, and behavior.
A Spanish-language prospectus of St. Louis College
A full-length portrait of Reverend Father Camilo Torrente, C.M.F., Assistant
A panel of portraits of important religious figures of San Antonio. Top left: Rt. Reverend A.D. Pellicer, D. D. consecrated Dec. 8 1874 died April 4 1880. Top right: Rt. Reverend J.C. Neraz, D. D. consecrated May 8, 1881, died November 15, 1894. …

A brief account of information recorded on Charles Buckel by the Society of Mary

A short summary of the life of Charles Buckel, similar to an obituary.
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